7 Reasons Your Business Needs to Be Using Creative Studio

Creative Studio is one of Facebook’s newer tools that allows you to manage, evaluate, and create content for you and your business’s Facebook and Instagram pages. The best part is that it’s free! You can access Facebook Creative Studio using a desktop or a mobile device. This is a one-stop tool that allows you to create, post, schedule, view insights, and summarize your earnings on your social media posts on Facebook and Instagram. If that wasn’t enough to download the app now, here are 7 reasons to start using Facebook and Instagram Creative Studio:

1.Create Content as a Team

A key feature when using FB Creative Studio is that you can assign roles to your team within the tool to ensure that everyone has different access and responsibilities when it comes to social media. There are 5 roles that can be assigned which include Admin, Editor, Moderator, Advertiser, and Analyst that each has its own unique set of responsibilities within the software. While you and your teamwork on finalizing a social media post, you can save it to the Drafts Folder which saves across all of the team’s platforms until you are ready to post. This helps to make sure that all work is being saved and everyone is on the same page. The content that you can create through FB Creative Studio is a social media post, a Livestream, and even a job listing!

2. Schedule Posts

FB Creative Studio allows for you to schedule your posts across your FB and IG pages to make sure that content is getting out when it needs to. In the drop-down from the Share Now button, you will find that you are able to hit schedule posts which helps to layout and work on your content calendar. Through Instagram and Facebook you are able to schedule, Facebook newsfeed posts including videos, IGTV content, and Instagram posts. As of right now, there is no way to schedule Facebook or Instagram stories, but soon that may change!

3. Engage with your Audience

One of the best features of FB Creative Studio is the ability to engage with your audience on Facebook and Instagram in real-time. You can view messages from Instagram direct messages, Facebook Messenger, and all tags, likes, and comments in the same software. This makes it easy to streamline responses on your social media and the ability to actively engage with your audience.

4. Emphasis on Video Content

As mentioned in one of our previous posts, in 2022 there will be a huge need for video content from businesses and FB Creative Studio recognizes that. With this tool, you can take clips from your Livestream and repurpose them as content for your social media. You can save these clips to your content library which will allow for you to edit and rework to fit your feed. Another option that is offered is to create a Series. With Facebook’s new Watch feature, there is a huge emphasis for businesses to be creating episodic content that their followers can enjoy and follow. Through FB Creative Studio, you can manage and create your episode series to help boost engagement with your audience.

5. Track Insights on Posts

A huge pro to using FB Creative Studio is that you are able to track insights on 4 major content areas: your pages, your videos, your stories, and your instant articles. Through the dashboard, you can choose what you want to track insights on whether it be your page or a story, and choose a specific amount of time to follow the engagement on. After selecting the content and time frame you are tracking, you can download that data to your device to look at and find key takeaways. One thing to keep in mind when doing this is to gain insight on Facebook Stories, you must manually turn that specific feature on. Some of the insights you are able to track include:

3 Second Views

1 Minute Views

Number of Followers


Number of Returning Views

Average Minutes Viewed

Total Engagement

Insights (more specific to Instagram) also include actions that were taken from the account, what your audience demographics look like, and even when your followers are online. This can help to grow your reach and make sure you are meeting your target audience in real-time.

6. Monetization

This feature is specific to Instagram Creator Studio and has specific legibility in order to use this. You must meet the criteria of a Brand Collabs Manager which have active business/creator accounts, over 10,000 followers, based in the U.S, and over 100 hours of watch time on videos in the last 60 days. This feature works to help ease working with other brands, manage content briefs, and see the monetary results of brand collaborations.

7. Automated Responses

Being able to directly engage with your audience across Instagram and Facebook is a huge plus and you can also streamline some responses with Facebook’s automated responses. For FAQ’s you can set certain responses and have the chatbot respond at a specific time whether it be immediately or a certain time after the initial message. You are also able to set messages to be sent whether the business is closed and these messages are coming after hours.

Creative Studio has a number of tools that can work to grow your business instantly. Facebook and Instagram Creative Studio vary in differences as each platform has different ways to reach its users. With all these benefits in more, it is time to move towards Creative Studio and Touching Clients can help with that! At Touching Clients, we want to see your business grow, and using Creative Studio can do that!