Digital Marketing Trends of 2022

In today’s world marketing trends are changing constantly and with a global pandemic, it is easy to say that digital marketing has changed and will continue to do so. With consumers’ preferences ever-evolving, businesses will need to develop their marketing strategies to align with some of these trends of 2022. Here are the top 5 digital marketing trends of 2022.

  1. Content Marketing

Content marketing will continue to be the most important tool that a business can use in order to keep their business at the top of mind. Content marketing is when brands and businesses use relevant content (articles, books, podcasts, photos, etc,) that is valuable and brings interest to their brand.

Content marketing also utilized public relations, SEO, and leadership which utilizes credibility, visibility, and authority in order to promote your business. Brands that post on their website are then able to use PR elements to boost their credibility. As users interact with your content they will be able to link your content to relevant topics that your brand will be able to dominate in.

  1. Cookieless World

            As more and more consumers express concerns over privacy regulations, Google had announced that they will be eliminating third-party cookies from Google Chrome by 2023. For many brands that rely on third-party cookies to track consumers’ activity, they will need to move to first-party data strategies.

            First-party data is data that your business has acquired from direct consent from the consumer which can help to build beneficial relationships with the consumer. According to Boston Consulting Group, brands that are utilizing first-party data are having 1.5X-2.9X higher revenue uplift. Businesses will need to align businesses objectives with customer objectives, offer value in exchange for their data, and manage data responsibly.

  1. Short-Form Video Content

            With TikTok hitting over 1 billion users back in September and other platforms like Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and other platforms trailing behind them, it is clear that there is a great value in short-form video content.

            The short-form video content offered the second-highest ROI in 2021 which was right behind influencer marketers. All brands and businesses should start utilizing this content on TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and other platforms in order to stay up to date on social media.

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility

           Corporate Social Responsibility ( aka CSR) has become the main front of conversation when it comes to consumers purchasing from brands in 2020 and has only continued to become more and more important. Businesses and brands need to listen to what social issues mean the most to their audience and begin initiatives and commitments towards these causes.

            Companies can promote CSR by using honest stories from customers on their websites and social media and all of their digital marketing strategies to show how a brand’s values align with their actions. Along with incorporating what users and consumers are saying in your mission statement and values. Brands must be ready to react to social issues that pertain to their values as a company.

  1. Utilizing Artificial Intelligence

            Businesses and brands are and should be utilizing artificial intelligence in a number of ways including influencer marketing, chat-bots, predicting customer behavior. AI can help to make sure that the best offer reaches the consumer at the right moment in order to promote your brand.

            AI can help streamline processes that can help to save consumers time. For example, chatbots can help to answer customers’ frequently asked questions or assist a customer with finding the right representative from a brand to help. AI can help to utilize customer data and feedback, however, the human touch is still needed in order to keep your brand authentic and truly engaging consumers.

            Digital marketing is always changing and businesses need to stay up-to-date with current trends in order to draw in more business and to keep consumers interested. By getting ahead of these trends, brands will be able to sit apart from others. Using these 7 different tools can help to make your business flourish in 2022 and Touching Clients can help you with that.