SEO Trends of the Future
seo trends

You can have the best website or the best product in the business, but if you haven’t optimized for SEO, or search engine optimization, your customers won’t find you. Let’s look at the latest SEO trends and the latest innovations in digital marketing.

Voice Search and Video Content

These are the areas where companies must really step up their game. Simply put, video is king. Better internet speeds, faster and better mobile devices and improvements in user experience on social media are helping video content to become increasingly popular. Video increases user engagement and the search engines are starting to recognize this trend.

Voice search is one of the hottest SEO trends this year. Voice search is growing faster than type search. As more and more people use Siri, Alexa or other voice search assistants, simple conversational search phrases are becoming increasingly important. The top search result become the recommendation given by the voice assistant, so make sure your content is voice search-friendly.

Social Media Searches and the Rise of Influencer Marketing

Social media platforms are increasingly used as search engines. Take steps now to optimize your content for social media platforms, and you will be ahead of the pack. Influencer marketing has become more popular and more effective. Influencers with large following can get the products out to their fan base quickly and efficiently and help clients’ links rank higher.

Mobile-First Algorithm and Rich Media Content

Mobile searches account for the majority of all searches and Google is taking notice and adjusting its search ranking algorithm. Optimize mobile user experience by making sure your pages are mobile-user friendly, load fast and navigation and design make sense for the small screen. Rich media content and good mobile experience go hand in hand. Add some rich media such as video and graphics and shorten your copy; graphic content looks better on the mobile device than long articles.

Featured Snippets

Google is now delivering information directly inside the featured snippet or an instant answer. If you have top-ranking content, it will be displayed to the customer without them ever navigating to your site. Developing more Question and Answer type of content to optimize for short answers inside featured snippets is a good way to address this newest among SEO trends.

With the rapid growth of mobile devices and voice search, SEO landscape is changing very quickly. Stay on top of these trends and you are guaranteed better ranking in search results.