The Best Email Marketing Strategy

With all the new ways to connect through multiple social media platforms, you may be tempted to think that communicating through email is a thing of the past. However, you may be surprised to know that email is over four times more effective than other popular marketing formats. The email has a median ROI of 122 percent. Using an email marketing service is vital for any business that wants to reach and retain customers.

Speak your customers’ language

If you aren’t taking advantage of email marketing, you could be missing some serious growth opportunities for your company. Eighty-six percent of professionals prefer email for any business communication purposes. This means that if you aren’t emailing your clients or prospective clients, you are missing out on their business.

Email marketing services are a great way to complement your existing marketing strategies. Email can help drive traffic to any of your other marketing platforms. Put links to your social media sites in the email with an incentive for people to connect. Use email to boost traffic to your website. Or, you can even use email to pique interest in a direct mailing. Email marketing is the best way to reach people and make your other marketing investments even more valuable.

Successful email marketing services

Successful email marketing isn’t easy. There is a delicate balance between enough emails to reach your subscribers and too many emails which make them unsubscribe. Day of the week and time of day also play a big part in how email marketing. Emails must be optimized for the mobile format. How the email appears in the customer’s inbox is essential: subject line and who it’s from significantly impact the likelihood of the email being opened and read.

Most business owners do not have the time or human resources to devote to an in-house email marketing operation. Having one person dedicated to email marketing only is not feasible or cost-effective for most businesses. That is why an email marketing service is the best way to reach your audience at the lowest cost to your business. Your email marketing service has a team that will stay on the cutting edge of new research to make your email campaigns the most effective they can be.

Put the growth of your business first and invest in an email marketing service. You definitely won’t be alone! Most companies have an email marketing system in place currently. Eighty-nine percent of marketers said that email was their primary channel for lead generation. Jump on board and watch your growth skyrocket with email marketing services.

Email Marketing Consultants – Drive Referrals and Customer Retention

Touching Clients has been providing email marketing services for businesses globally since 2006. Our team of certified consultants works closely with many email service providers to offer a range of email marketing solutions.

email marketing strategy

Email Marketing Consultants

Touching Clients has been providing email marketing services for over 15 years. We deliver these solutions to large corporations and small businesses alike. Our team works with local, national, and global initiatives for our clients. Our consultants are continually training to ensure we can pass on all that we know.

Email Marketing Solutions

Our email marketing options offer a variety of choices, depending on your business goals. Our team can provide a free assessment to point your team in the correct direction. We provide a range of solutions from fully managed email account services to customized email training for your in-house team.

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The Best Email Marketing Strategy

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